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Meca-Systeme, expert in carton packaging machinery

With more than 4 decades of experience in the field of carton packaging machines, Meca-Systeme offers a complete range of corrugated box erectors and their peripheral equipment to provide you with high-performance solutions for packing your products.


Corrugated tray erectors Méca-Système

Corrugated trays erectors

Mechanize the erecting of your corrugated trays and cases

Regular slotted cases erectors Meca-Systeme

Regular Slotted Case erectors

Automate the erecting of your RSC boxes

Equipements périphériques aux formeuses de carton Méca-Système

Peripheral equipment

Increase the efficiency of your packing lines

solutions carton compact

Cardboard packaging solutions

Mechanize the positioning of cardboard sleeves or the erecting of top load cardboard cases