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Corrugated tray erectors

 BTM2 | Corrugated tray erector

Our carton erector BTM2 allows you to mechanize the forming of corrugated cases and trays.
This new generation of flexible and user-friendly tray erectors has been designed by our teams based upon technical standard made reliable by over 4 decades of expertise and 3000 machines installed in the world.
Multiformat, the BTM2 carton erector can handle a wide variety of carton architectures: 4-glued corners, corrugated tray with sidewalks, dihedrals, corner beams, octagonal cases, ready-to-sell box…
The new design of this range of carton erector offers user comfort with very fast, even automatic format changeover, easy operation on 10′ touchscreen HMI.

Our case erecting machines are fully customizable in terms of implementation, expected output and architecture of the cartons to be treated.



  • Industrial reliability: squareness quality of the erected cases
  • User-friendly workstation: very low magazine for easy loading of carton blanks, large door for easy access to all parts of the machine
  • Integrated gluing system: Hot Melt precise and economical glue injectors. Easy accessible glue pellet reservoir and integrated melter.
  • Easy to drive with setting assistance on 10” touchscreen HMI
  • Efficiency: configurable rate, connectivity, energy saving
  • Speed: from 900 to 2500 cases/hour depending on configuration


The BTM2 corrugated case erector is suitable for all types of activities:

Agrifood: cheese, diary, meat, poultry, cured meats, ready-made meals, seafood, fruits, vegetables
Industry: cosmetics, pharmaceutics



The BTM2 range has options to configure your carton erector to suit your needs:

  • Large capacity motorized blanks magazine
  • Left, right or in-line exit conveyor
  • Large width chassis
  • Stainless steel or painted steel construction
  • Remote maintenance
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