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Peripheral equipment

Meca-Systeme corrugated case erectors | Peripheral equipment

To increase the performance of your packaging line and fight against musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) of your operators, Meca-Systeme designs and manufactures complementary machines to its corrugated case erectors: destacking of corrugated blanks on pallet, lidding of caps or stacking of empty trays at the outlet.

Our peripheral solutions


Meca-Systeme PSP machine - Corrugated blank destacker

PSP – Corrugated blank destacker

Automate the picking of corrugated blanks from a pallet

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Empty case stacker Meca-Systeme

Empty case stacker

Automate the stacking of formed cases at the tray erector exit

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Meca-Systeme lidding machine

Lidding machine

Automate the laying of lids on your corrugated cases

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Forming and loading complete equipment

Combine a robotic case packer with your case erector for a complete end of line solution

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