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Empty case stacker

 Empty case stacker

The empty case stacker facilitates the storage of formed cases at the erecting machine exit.

Our automated case stacker handles all the types of nesting corrugated box such as: 4 glued corners, corrugated trays with sidewalks, dihedral, angle beams etc…

By creating stacks of cases before they are used on your production line, this case stacker optimizes the storage area of packagings, helps reduce musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) and improves the overall productivity of the line.  



  • Precise stacking of formed cases at high speed
  • Efficiency: fast and easy format changeover
  • Versatile: progammable height of corrugated case stacks, machine compatible with all the range of Meca-Systeme case formers

Technical data

  • Easy setting of the case formats
  • Machine adaptable on all our case formers
  • Integration possible on any new or existing packing line